Skater Levels + Definitions

Junior Skater:

A junior skater is any skater in the Star 1-3 level. These skaters are working on single jumps, basic spins, and have an introduction to combinations. These skaters will have an understanding of edges, turns, and basic stroking exercises. These skaters will be working on awareness, practice habits, and strength. 

Intermediate Skater:

Skaters advancing through Star 3 to star 4 (and sometimes just entering Star 5) are considered intermediates. Intermediates will have strong single jumps, and may be landing Axels. They will be able to perform strong basic spins, and have the ability to do spin combinations. Intermediate skaters should have strong basic edges, turns, and have good speed power and control in their basic stroking exercises. These skaters will already know how to be alert, practice efficiently, and have power to help move them through their elements. 

Senior Skater:

A senior skater is defined as Star 5 and above. These skaters will be landing axels, and will be working on double jumps. They will be working on more complex combination spins, as well as variations and flying spins. Senior skaters will have very strong stroking, and will be working on more intricate footwork. They will also be aware, practice efficiently and be on their own more often, and will carry themselves with power and flow across the ice surface.

*All skaters assessed levels are at the discretion of the Coaching Director.