Chantelle Kuan

CANSKATE Coach and Coordinator, STARSKATE Coach

Professional Qualifications:
NCCP Canskate Certified
Primary Starskate In Training Status

I have been a part of the Grandview skating club since I was 6 years old, and I still love being here as much as I did when I was younger. The skating club is not just a club to me, they are like my second family and the rink is like my second home. Everywhere I look I am constantly surrounded by a positive and encouraging atmosphere from the skater and the other coaches. 

My goal as a coach is to make sure that I am a role model for the other skaters to look up to. As a skater, I still look up to my fellow coaches and I still aspire to be like them and I hope to share my love and knowledge of skating with other skaters. We have such a fun and spirited atmosphere at the club and I hope that it never dies out, I want the club to keep up that same fun-loving spirit that it has had for so many years. 

“I have witnessed many skaters who seem to really fall in love with the sport like I have and it brings me joy to see other skaters experiencing that same joy that I have when I come to the rink.”

More About Chantelle

  • Senior Silver and Gold interpretive level figure skater
  • Awarded the Program Assistant of the year as well as the Star Skater of the year from GSC
  • Has passed gold dance, interpretive and skills
  • Has passed 2 diamond dances
  • Currently working on gold freeskate
  • Competed in competitions since 6 years of age
  • Participated in 4 ice shows
  • Volunteer experience with summer at St. Georges summer camp, St. Jude’s elementary school as well as being a program assistant for the GSC for 5 and a half years
  • Has completed up to grade 8 piano