Haley Adams

  • Artona single 10graduate from Windermere Secondary in the Leadership Program
  • CanSkate certified, Primary starskate in training status
  • CanPower certified
  • Novice competitive and Gold interpretive figure skater
  • recieved my gold feet in all four disciplines of skating: ice dance, skills, interpretive and freeskate
  • passed 3 diamond dances
  • awarded the program assistant of the year award, as well as the most dedicated award from the Grandview Skating club
  • participated in numerous ice show and demo days with GSC
  • participates in Syncronized Skating with the LMSSC
  • ice dance partner for male skater


The Grandview Skating Club has been a huge part of my family since the young age of 3. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of coaches who I have been able to look up to and learn from over the years. What has come with this amazing group of coaches is the incredible club atmosphere. At any point in time GSC has always been a positive environment to grow up in, and a safe place to come to. I am looking forward to sharing my experience, knowledge, and passion for this magical sport as well as helping the students find what their passion is, within skating.