Club Rules

For Skaters, Parents and Coaches

Grandview Skating Club strongly believes in Skate Canada’s commitment to ensure that all skaters have the opportunity to participate in a safe and welcoming environment that is encouraging, and promotes their overall development. Parents, coaches and other club members are the foundation of the skaters’ experiences in the sport. The quality of a skater’s experience is determined by their relationships with the people who surround them in the Skate Canada environment.

The following are House Rules and important excerpts from the Coaches Code of Ethics and Parents Code of Conduct published by SKATECanada. As a club member or coach you should be familiar with the full documents that can be found on line at

Skater Rules:

  • Always be RESPECTFUL to all club members and Coaches
  • Grandview SC has a team teaching approach, so skaters must accept instruction and feedback from all Coaches.
  • Be SAFE! Skate with your head up and be aware of other skaters on the ice.
  • Junior/intermediate skaters must watch out for the older/faster senior skaters and be listening and paying attention at all times
  • If skaters do not comply with the rules, are abusive or argumentative on any session, they will be asked to leave for the session, or be issued a one day suspension from the ice.
  • Skaters should dress in a NEAT AND TIDY manner – no loose clothing. Tie back long hair.
  • Be ON TIME for all your lessons. Skaters will be charged for missed lessons, if no notice is given.
  • NO FOOD, candy, or gum is permitted on the ice.
  • GUARDS must be worn off-ice at all times.
  • DO NOT INTERUPT a Coach while they are giving a lesson. You are taking time from a fellow skater’s lesson.
  • When resting during a practice, please skate along the BOARDS, to leave the ice clear for skaters who are performing.
  • In order to have a lesson made up from a missed day, skaters must give at least 48 HOURS notice before the day that they will not be in attendance.
  • Be Considerate and ENCOURAGE your fellow skaters. Remember that every skater should aim to be a role model for other skaters. We lead by example and do not take out our frustrations at the rink.
  • On a general session, RIGHT OF WAY is given to:
  1. Lessons
  2. Solos being skated with music
  3. Senior Skaters
  4. Junior Skaters
  • MUSIC PRIORITY is given to:
  1. CoachesTest, Assessments or Competitive Practice
  2. Senior Skaters
  3. Junior Skaters
  • HAVE FUN and remember that HARD WORK and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE bring positive RESULTS!

Parent Rules:

  • Parents shall at all times treat all individuals and property with dignity, courtesy and RESPECT, including but not limited to skaters, coaches, officials, volunteers, other parents, and all other individuals that are part of the club, skating school, Section or Skate Canada.
  • When you register for lessons, you are entering into a contract to instruct your child. Ensure that you understand the qualifications, availability, and fees for lessons before making this agreement.
  • Notify the Coaching Director and Contact Coach at least 48 hours in advance should the a Starskater need to cancel a lesson. If 48-hour notice is not met, the lesson will be forfeited and you will be charged for the missed lesson.
  • If 48-hour cancellation notification is provided, our coaches will schedule a StarSkate make-up class within the current skating year (please note that due to a full roster,  it may take a few weeks to schedule the make-up classes).
  • Parents shall respect that the professional coach is responsible and empowered for the on -ice and off- ice development of the athlete. Parents should not be coaching from the sidelines, nor changing techniques that have been taught by the coach. If you have concerns, arrange a meeting with your contact coach and skating director to discuss.
  • There will be no entrance to the players box during a skating session and no contact with your skater during lessons. It is distracting to your child, the other skaters, and to club coaches. If you wish to speak with a coach or your child it can be done after the session. Parents in the players box will be reminded to leave. This rule also applies to off ice lessons in the lobby.
  • Parents may not enter the dressing rooms. If a skater needs assistance with tying skates, this can be done in the rink lobby and the skater can then drop their equipment in the dressing room provided.
  • Parents shall always model positive and responsible behaviour and communicate with their child that they expect them to do the same. Parents will assume the major responsibility for their child’s on-ice conduct and attitude
  • Parents shall emphasize the importance of values like sportsmanship, respect, cooperation, competition, and teamwork to their child, offering praise for competing fairly, participation, and skill development.
  • A skater may not always have the same base coach.  If switching coaches, be courteous and notify the current/former coach that their services are no longer required before contracting a “new” coach
  • All outstanding bills must be paid in full to current/former coach prior to starting with a “new” coach or club

Coach Rules:

  • Be a positive role model and encourage sportsmanship by demonstrating respect, courtesy, and positive support for all athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers at all times.
  • Strive to create and maintain cooperative relationships with coaching colleagues for the purpose of ensuring a positive skating environment.
  • Respect a coach/athlete and/or parent relationship and not solicit, or cause to be solicited, directly or indirectly, or through a third party, the athlete of another coach.
  • If approached by an athlete or parent who wish to contract your services, advise coaching colleagues who have previously coached the athlete, and confirm all bills to the former coach(es) are paid.
  • Coaches may respond to athletes or parents who approach them and ask questions regarding their services, experience, qualifications, teaching methodology and coaching philosophy.
  • Negotiate coaching contracts in good terms and adhere to their terms
  • Accept personal responsibility for providing and delivering coaching services in a safe and professional manner. All Skate Canada coaches are responsible for establishing and maintaining ethical coaching behaviour
  • Unprofessional behaviour, including yelling, arguments or other acts that can affect a Member’s perception of our Club and our sport will not be tolerated. Any of the above will act as cause for any coach/persons involved to be asked to leave the ice with penalty of a same day suspension.
  • Support the decisions of the Club while continuing to provide ideas with a positive attitude and act as a leader/role model to the skaters and other coaches on the ice.
  • Assist the Club by respectfully advising skaters or Club Members if you observe that they are not following Club rules.
  • For any absence, Club Directors must be informed prior to the day and you must make an effort to find a replacement/sub. Coaches may ask for help, if needed, to find a replacement/sub, but it is not the sole responsibility of the Directors to do this. There may be some exception to absence due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Adhere and follow contact coach guidelines and protocols including consistent communication with the coaching director on skater progress and structure to support cohesive training
  • Be professional, be responsible, and always make ensure you and your skaters are having fun!