Levels and Recommended Training Schedules

Level Clarifications:

Brand new to STARskate (junior): This is a skater that has completed the Canskate and Junior Enrichment programs and is ready to begin in STARskate. Usually a skater at this level is working on jumps up to a loop jump, spins up to a sit spin, and has a basic understanding of the fundamentals to figure skating. These skaters are not quite ready for a solo in competition, but may want to try Star 1, where the skaters demonstrate isolated skills for a panel of judges.

Junior (STAR 2 – 4): A junior STARskater is someone who has been in the STARskate program long enough to be landing all their single jumps, beginning combination spins, and a good understanding of the fundamentals to skating. These skaters may not have a lot of power while performing skills yet. These skaters may be preparing for competition at a Star 2-3 level, where they skate to a personally choreographed solo, and are graded on their skills instead of placed against other skaters.

Intermediate (Int A / Int B): An intermediate skater has usually passed preliminary-Jr bronze freeskate tests and can perform all single jumps (including an axel) with confidence. These skaters are also beginning to train their double jumps. They can do spins with variations and combinations consistently, and have strong basic skating skills, and are working on more difficult edges and turns. These skaters would be a star 3-5 level in competition, and will begin to be judged against other skaters.

Senior (STAR 5 – Gold): A senior skater is someone who is landing at least 2 clean double jumps, performing difficult spins with ease, and have very strong skating skills. These skaters are usually powerful and have a good understanding of difficult edges and turns and are able to use them in their skating. Skaters at this level can choose to be competitive or to stay in the STARskate stream.

Off ice Training: Off ice is an incredibly beneficial program to a skater. It helps them to learn positions, improve cardio, core strength, and flexibility to help with their skating. A skater may substitute one off ice class per week for another activity that compliments skating (For example, ballet.) If there is an activity you would like to use as an off ice substitute please talk to your coach. Off ice is Mandatory for all skaters.

Recommended Training:

Brand new to starskate (junior):

  • Skate a minimum of two days a week
  • 3 lessons minimum – 2 freeskate, 1 dance/skills
  • Off ice – 1-2 times per week

Junior Starskater:

  • Skate a minimum of 2 days per week
  • 4 lessons minimum – 2 freeskate, 2 dance/skills
  • Off ice – 2-3 times per week


  • Skate a minimum of 3 days per week
  • 5 lessons minimum – 3 freeskate, 2 dance/skills
  • Off ice – 3-4 days per week.


  • Skate a minimum of 4 days per week
  • 6 lessons minimum – 4 freeskate, 2 dance/skills
  • Off ice – 4 days minimum

*These are the recommended number of sessions and lessons it will take for a skater to maintain and improve their skating at the different levels. If you have questions please talk to your coach.