Grandview Skating Club is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board of executives.  Please direct all club inquiries/registration questions to All inquiries will be answered directly or referred to the appropriate club member.  Thank you for your patience.

Board Member Position
Ann McLean President
Nadia Chan Vice President
Peter Dartana Treasurer
Leanne Barlow Secretary
Brenda Fenton Registrar
Laine Slater Director of Communications
Christina Webster Test Chairperson
Ana Yun Canskate Representative and Volunteer Coordinator
 Connie Tsang Fundraising Chairperson
Jolene Lambley Director Skating
Kari-Jane Adams Past President

For club inquiries/registration questions please contact our club communications via.

We  have an office set up at the Trout Lake ice rink,  located on the North side of the arena.  Please note that office hours will follow our fall/winter schedule, and be closed from April to September.

Mailing Address

Grandview Skating Club
3350 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Directions to Trout Lake Ice Rink