Star 1-5 Assessment Process

For Skaters/Parents:

The Grandview Skating Club and Skate Canada encourage all StarSkaters to progress in their achievements.  Star 1-5 assessments are one measure to mark their continued learning.  Assessments at the Star 1-5 level are evaluated by club coaches during lesson time and typically take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.  Assessments may be evaluated in three separate disciplines – Dance, Freeskate and Skating Skills.  Progress in one area is not dependent on other areas.  The Skate Canada system allows skaters to progress at their own pace so they may be at Star 3 in Dance and Star 2 in Freeskate.  This approach encourages individual strengths and provides motivation and reward for all their hard work.

Step 1 – After receiving an assessment application form, please forward payment through e-transfer to  Skate Canada charges $12.00 for each assessment and the club charges a $3.00 admin fee so the total skater cost for each assessment is $15.00.  Please note some assessments have Part A and Part B, these are charged as separate assessments.

Step 2 – Please include details of your skater’s name and assessments in the memo line of the etransfer.

Step 3 – After the assessment is completed, the skater will receive their copy of the results which should be kept safely as part of their skating achievements. Once a skater completes all assessments across one level of skating (ie – Star 1 Dance, Star 1 Skating Skills and Star 1 Freeskate), they will receive an award badge at the end of year awards banquet.

For the Assessment Coordinator:

Step 1 – After receipt of the payment, the assessment coordinator will prepare the assessment papers for the coach.  Assessment papers must be printed in a two-sided format with the assessment criteria on one side and fillable assessment form on the other.

Step 2 – The assessment coordinator will deliver the papers to the coach or drop them into the assessment paper folder in the club rolling bin for the coach to pick up and notify them by email if that is the case.

Step 3 – After receiving the completed assessment papers from the coach, the coordinator will enter the results into the Skate Canada website which holds a permanent record of all skater achievements.  The skater portion will then be returned to the coaching director to deliver to the skater.

For Coaches:

Step 1 – A Grandview Coach will assess and determine when the skater is ready for a Skate Canada assessment.

Step 2 – The coach will complete an assessment application form (hardcopies available in the club rolling bin or online on our website) with skaters’ FULL name and indicate which assessments the skater is ready to take. Coaches will also refer to the current status records to confirm the assessment is appropriate and following the correct progression.

Step 3 – The coach will give the completed assessment form to the skater who will follow the next steps.

Step 4 – After the assessment has been completed, the coach will return the papers to the assessment coordinator or the coaching director in a timely manner to record the information on the Skate Canada website.

Star 6 – Gold Assessment Process

All centralized assessments for Star 6-Gold are currently suspended due to Covid-19.


Connie Tsang