Jolene Lambley

Jolene Coach Photo Apr2014We are proud to acknowledge Jolene as a true “Grandview” skater. She has been with Grandview for over 20 years both as a student and now as our Director of Starskate and Canskate.  Jolene is  ISPC Level 2 (partial level 3) certified and has over 15 years of professional coaching experience, as well as over 10 years of volunteer coaching experience. She is currently First AID / CPR certified.

  • Level 2 (ISPC) certified, partial level 3
  • Completed Gold Skills, Partial Diamond Dance, Gold Interpretive, Gold Freeskate Elements, Sr Silver Freeskate Program. Also involved in Juvenile Pair Skating
  • NCCP CANPower Certified
  • Competed in Competitions up to Sectionals & Regionals
  • CEP Gold status
  • Director of STARSkate and CANskate at GSC
  • Awarded Program Assistant of the year by Skate Canada, and through the GSC, along with bursary for involvement in the Canskate Program
  • Currently a BC Region Coach Representative
  • Prepared, created, and executed the 2012 New Canskate Program for GSC
  • Involved in numerous Hip Hop, Synchronized Skating & Off-Ice Training Programs
  • Prepared numerous ice shows from beginning to end including theme, soundtrack, choreography, costumes, and set.
  • Choreography,  and professional music cutting for competitive, startskate, adult and interpretive programs.
  • Off ice instructor for Star 1, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior STARSkate
  • Produced and led various seminars on and off the ice
  • Develops & Leads Program Assistant Training
  • 10 years’ experience coaching hockey skills/powerskate
  • 1 year experience working with Vancouver Minor Hockey
  • Completes Professional development through Skate Canada and the BC Section more than once per year
  • Professional photographer.  Donates her services for all club photos and edits and produces the clubs annual ice show DVD.
  • Community volunteer outside the club
I have always been a very proud member of the Grandview Skating club. This club has been my home, and my family, since a very young age and I will always find value in what I have gained here. It has been an incredibly journey watching our club grow from a STARSkate group of 12 struggling to stay afloat, to over 50 members in STAR programming alone! Being a part of this development has been a huge part of my motivation and drive to continue to make changes and continue to keep Grandview a special, and fun, place to learn and grow.
I hope to pass on the experience and memories to our skaters for years to come, while keeping a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for everyone involved. Our skaters inspire me to be a better coach every time I step onto the ice and see their hard work and positive attitudes. Figure Skaters are brave, resilient, and passionate about their progress on and off the ice which creates a wonderful atmosphere for our team of coaches to be a part of. I feel lucky to be able to work with such wonderful skaters here at Grandview!
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Jolene can be contacted at: