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A 2010 Winter Olympics legacy venue,

Trout Lake ice rink is located in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood. It is part of the Trout Lake Community Centre near John Hendry Park.  Click here for directions. There is plenty of free parking in the main lot and along Victoria Drive.  Please note, Rentals are no longer available. Here is our policy again regarding bringing your own helmet and skates.

Prior to and during the Games, the venue boasted an international size rink with warm-up facilities, a medical area and athlete’s lounge.  It served as a practice area for Olympic figure skaters during the games.   After the games, the facility underwent a refit to contain a NHL size rink with 250 spectator seats and a player’s box.   The adjacent community centre contains a gymnasium, spinning room, and fitness centre for training needs and multipurpose rooms for social festivities.



The surrounding Trout Lake park was one of Vancouver’s first lumbering operations in the late 19th century. The Hastings Sawmill was owned by John Hendry and the lake was the water source for the mill.

In 1926, Hendry’s daughter, who was married to the governor of the province, Eric Hamber, donated the mill property to the Park Board with the condition that it be named after her father.

In 1963 the Grandview Community Center, located near Victoria Drive, was constructed. The community center was later renovated in 1977 and renamed Trout Lake Community Centre.

In 2010 the new ice rink and renovations were completed for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, as the figure skaters training venue, with finances of $13.15 million from Vancouver’s Park Board. $2.5 million from Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics (VANOC) and $250,000 from the Grandview Community Association. However, the real cost of the ice rink is estimated at 15.9 million

Grandview Skating Club, 3350 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5N 4M4