Off-Ice Conditioning

Off-ice training is essential for all Skate Canada members – right from CanSkate to the elite athletes competing at the Olympics.  Off-Ice is available for those skaters wishing to improve their flexibility and reduce their risk of injury and is just as important as on-ice training.

Incorporating fitness training into a club’s CanSkate program ensures that Canadian children are getting the appropriate level of physical activity, as outlined in Health Canada’s “Guide to Physical Activity for Youth” . It also ensures that young figure skaters recognize that off-ice training is part of training for our sport.

As the athlete develops, training will become more specific and should include the following areas:

1. Core Stability/Strength Training/Functional Movement
2. Aerobic / Anaerobic Training
3. Flexibility Training
4. Expression, Creative Movement / Dance Movement
5. Nutrition
6. Mental Focus
7. Fun. Team building and a sense of accomplishment!

Incorporating regular off-ice training into an athlete’s annual training plan will help ensure that our members are doing all that they can to achieve their own level of personal excellence – in whatever Skate Canada program they are enrolled. These sessions are recommended for skaters of all levels and abilities.

  • Participants will learn exercises that are sport specific and others that will help general fitness, strength and balance.
  • Participants will learn exercises that can be done both at home and in the gym.

This year the program will be run under the instruction of our Club Coaches.  We encourage all skaters, in particular the figure skaters, to sign up for these sessions.  

For further information please email 
Registration is ongoing, but all skaters must be registered prior to attending a class.