Health And Safety Protocols

Return To The Ice

It is with great pleasure that with permission from Viasport, the BC/YK Skate Canada section office and Vancouver Parks Board, we announce the end of Covid restrictions both on the ice and within the rink lobby.

What this means for you:

  • Skaters are permitted to dress and tie skates inside the rink and family members may assist as needed
  • Indoor spectators are permitted up to a 50 person capacity (including persons on the ice)
  • Dressing rooms will be available for StarSkate and CanPower
  • Masks are recommended but not required inside the facility
  • Physical distancing of 3 mt is no longer required
  • Coaches and program assistants may now use physical contact to guide or assist younger skaters
  • Program capacity limits have been removed
  • First time skaters as young as three may now register for CanSkate sessions
  • Adult participants over 22 may now register for all programs
  • Facilities will now be open to the public.

Welcome Back Everyone!

To stay safe we still would ask all our skaters to follow these Rules and Guidelines

  • Skaters must wear gloves and dispose of tissues immediately after use.
  • Skaters are not permitted to share water bottles (which must be pre-filled), clothing or equipment.
  • Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19 (including fever coughing, chills, shortness of breath, sore throat, new muscle aches or headaches) will be prohibited from entering the facility.
  • Anyone who has travelled from outside Canada in the last 14 days will be prohibited from entering the facility.

What should I bring? – CanSkate & CanPower

  • Each skater must bring their own water bottle.  You will not have access to any water fountain. 
  • Each skater should have a helmet, gloves and skate guards if they are coming to the rink with skates on.

What should I bring? – STARSkate

  • Each skater must bring their own water bottle.  You will not have access to any water fountain. 
  • Please bring a small plastic bucket/caddy to hold your water bottle, skate guards, small pack of tissues, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.  The bucket/caddy can be placed on the boards.  This is necessary as skaters will not be allowed to access their bag during ice time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you on the ice!