2022 Spring Schedule At A Glance


SUNDAY, April 17 – June 26th – Britannia Arena
*Youth Priority

6:15-7:00pm – CANSKATE
5:30-6:00pm – Star 1 Off-ice
6:15-7:00pm – Star 1 On-ice
6:00-6:45 – Junior Off-ice
7:00-7:15pm – Junior Enrichment
7:15-8:00pm – Junior Open Freeskate
7:15-8:00pm – Senior Off-ice
8:15-9:15pm – Senior Open Freeskate

NOTE: STAR 6 – Gold Assessment Day, June 26th

Tuesday, April 5th – June 28st – Sunset Arena
*Youth Priority

4:00-4:15pm – Junior Enrichment
4:15-5:00pm – Junior Open Freeskate
5:15-6:00pm – Junior Strength/Endurance with Maki (Off-ice)
5:00-5:15pm – Senior Enrichment
5:15–6:15pm – Senior Open Freeskate
6:30-7:30pm – Senior Strength/Endurance with Maki (Off-ice)

Wednesday, April 6th – June 29nd Sunset Arena
*Adult Priority

6:30-8:00am – Open (All Levels)

Thursday, April 7th – June 30rd Sunset Arena

6:30-8:00am – Open (All Levels)

Friday, April 8th – June 24th Britannia Arena
*Adult Priority

7:15-7:45pm – Off-ice
8:00-8:15pm – Enrichment
8:15-9:15pm – Open

Saturday, April 2nd – June 25th Sunset Arena

7:00am-7:45am – CANPOWER


* Adult priority – Skaters over 22 are given registration priority, if there is space younger STARSkaters can register.
* Youth Priority – Skaters 22 and under are given registration priority, if there is space older STARSkaters can register.
* Registration opens March 7th @ 7pm until March 17th @ 11:59pm for priority spots, then registration will open for all members of all ages to fill remaining spots.