High Test

High Tests are centralized, which means that skaters from throughout the BC Coast Region are expected to travel to designated club rinks in the Lower Mainland to do their tests. Over two hundred tests can be submitted for designated High Test weekends, and the Chairperson for the Test Bureau is responsible for deciding how these tests will be scheduled on the ice provided. A schedule will be sent to the coaches for distribution, and posted on the SkateCanada BC Coast Region website.

The posted schedules can be found at the following link under “Tests”http://www.skatebccoast.com/downloads.php

Skaters and their parents must be prepared to be available on whichever day their particular tests are scheduled. Over 1,000 high tests are conducted each year in the BC Coast Region!


CATEGORIES of High Test:

  • Freeskate – Senior Silver and Gold
  • Skills – Senior Silver and Gold
  • Dance – Junior Silver, Senior Silver, Gold and Diamond  




All registration for High Tests is now done online at:http://www.coastregistry.com/tests/bccoast

Registration and payment must be completed by the set deadline. Part of the fee goes to Skate Canada and the remaining fee goes to the host club or the BC Coast Test Bureau to pay for running the tests. According to Skate Canada rules, once an application goes in on the due date, money cannot be refunded. A missed test is recorded as a retry.


Please see the B.C Coast Region website for more information:http://www.skatebccoast.com/test_info.php