Igor Koreshev

Professional Qualifications:
Ph.D in Sports Science
NCCP Level 3 – Singles, Ice Dance
NCCP Level 2 – Pairs
Former National and International competitor

I have always believed that coaching young people is a huge responsibility; not only are you teaching them the technical aspects of your sport, but you can also make a positive impact on their lives by teaching them important life skills, such as understanding the importance of health and fitness, evoking their interest in life-long participation in skating, perseverance, discipline, sportsmanship and many more.

I see my role, as a coach, in helping skaters achieve individual goals: for Canskaters – learn to skate, for STARSkaters and competitive skaters – passing their tests and perform to the best of their abilities at skating competitions.

“When I coach my students I always remember that skaters of all ages learn best when they are engaged, challenged, motivated and having fun!”

Career Highlights

  • Over 30 years of combined coaching experience in Canada (Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia) and Russia
  • Coached members of the Russian National Junior Figure Skating Team
  • Worked with Russian World and Olympic Ice Dance Champions
  • Coached Estonian National Senior Ice Dance Champions,  International competitors and Bronze medal winners (2006 ISU Pavel Roman Memorial, Czech Republic)
  • Coached Canadian National competitors in Senior, Junior and Pre-Novice Ice Dance (2001-2013)
  • Coached Sectionals (British Columbia, Saskatchewan), Divisionals (Skate Canada Challenge) and National competitors in Singles (Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior)
  •  Coached Sectionals (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Quebec) and Skate Canada Challenge competitors and medal winners in Ice Dance (Juvenile, Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior, Senior)
  • Coached BC Coast Championships and Pacific STARSkate Championships Gold Medal winners in Ice Dance
  • Coached skaters who successfully auditioned for and worked in professional figure skating shows in Europe and North America
  • Had students who passed Gold tests in Freeskate and Skills, Diamond tests in Dance
  • Has many years of experience in choreographing figure skating programs for freeskate, ice dance and pair skating
  • Designs and conducts off-ice conditioning programs for figure skaters.

Igor can be contacted at: igorkoreshev54@gmail.co