Name: Zoe Chee


Years skating:

Coaches: Margaret and Erika

Skate Canada Tests/ Badges passed: This year I passed my intro interpretive, bronze interpretive, jr bronze freeskate, sr bronze dances, jr silver skills, and sr silver skills

Other skating achievements:  – Second place in Parksville (My first VISI Competition)

Most Memorable skating experience: -Going to Parksville to compete with Grandview!

Favorite GSC Event: This years Year end dinner/banquet

Favorite Professional Skater: Yuna Kim, Gracie Gold, Katelyn Osmond

Outside Interests & Hobbies: I ❤ Volleyball, art/design, track, and swimming

Best Skating Element: flying camel

Words to Live by:  You will make all kinds of mistakes: But as lng as you are generous you cannot hurt the world or even seriously distress her – Winston Churchill