Age:  16 (in the picture) but 23

Skating Years:  approx. 20 +yrs

Coaches:  Lee Ellis, Carol Pearson, Graham Casey (but I am now the Coach !!!)

Skate Canada Tests/Badges Passed:

Freeskate: Gold Elements / Jr. Silver Program

Skills: Gold


Interpretive: Gold

Other Skating Achievements:

GSC Best All-Round Skater Award (twice), meeting great people, Program Assistant Award, StarSkater of the Year Award & numerous Competitions/Tests

Most Memorable Skating Experience:

I don’t think I can choose just one, so I’ll stick to Competitions & Tests.

Favorite Grandview Skating Club Event:

Scott Roberts Interpretive Competition, Year End Awards Banquet and probably numerous other things.

Favorite Professional Skaters:

Sasha Cohen, Elvis Stoijko

Outside Interests & Hobbies:

Mostly any sport, hanging out with my friends, computers, eating and hip hop.

Some “Words of Wisdom” to New Comers!

Never by afraid to be yourself on the ice and have a good time.  Let your personalities shine through, and enjoy what you do…Always enjoy it!

 Other Info for Sharing/Goals:

1.  Falling is not always as scary as it looks.

2.  If you’re scared to try, you’ll never succeed.

3.  You’re all awesome!