Name: Haley AdamsHaley copy

Age: 17

Years skating:14 years. Since the age of 3

Coaches: Jolene, Igor with technical/artistic advisors Janet and Jeremy

Skate Canada Tests/ Badges passed:

    •                 Skills: Gold
    •                 Dance: Gold
    •                 Freeskate: Gold
    •                 Intepretive: Gold

Other skating achievements: Landed double Axel!

Most Memorable skating experience: Landing my First Axel haley2

Favorite GSC Event: Halloween Party

Favorite Professional Skater: Joannie Rochette, Elvis Stojko, and Carolina Kostner

Outside Interests & Hobbies: Movies, music and spending time with friends

Best Skating Element: Double Loop

Words to Live by: “Nothing you do has been perfected until your coach physically sees it.”

Future Goals: To get as far as I can competitively and then coach alongside Jolene.