2020 Spring Registration



SPRING Registration 2020
Temporarily Closed

Check back for registration details once rinks are open again.


CANSkate, Hockey Skills, STARSkate and Synchro Skills
All classes take place at SUNSET ARENA


CANSkate is Skate Canada’s flagship learn-to-skate program, designed for skaters of all ages. When you sign up for CANSkate you will be in a program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development.

CANSkate Ages 3yrs & Up
Stage 1-6 Adult / Teen CANSkate (All Levels)
45 minute lesson

Hockey Skills

An excellent complement for athletes playing on hockey or ringette teams.The dynamic program is taught by Skate Canada certified CANPower instructors.

Grandview’s Hockey Skills program is geared to skaters aged approximately six or older who already have basic forward and backward skating skills (they must be able to skate the length of the rink using alternate strides) and are able to stop on command without use of the boards.

Full hockey equipment is required. Hockey sticks will sometimes be used, but no shooting or passing of pucks.


The STAR 1 program  is a bridge between CANSkate and the STARSkate program. STAR 1 skaters will work in smaller groups with a professional coach and learn figure skating skills such as jumps, edges, spirals, spins, turns and ice dances.

Classes are offered in 90 minute sessions which includes off- ice training to develop cardio fitness, flexibility, strength, control and reduce risk of injury on ice.  Entry to this program requires the approval of the Coaching Director. Please contact Jolene if you are interested.

Sessions below include on and off-ice lessons.  

STARSkate: Level STAR 2 to Gold 

STAR  2 – 4 (Junior / Intermediate A) Skaters

To align with Skate Canada’s STAR program, skaters will be placed in a group of 3-4 and will be coached for the entire 45 minute session.

  • Skaters must register for at least two Freeskate Group Lessons, which will include one Off-ice session to progress their skating.
  • If skaters are looking for more time to work on their skating, the Open session on Wednesday morning provides 45-90 minutes of ice time for STAR 2, 3 and 4 skaters. The ice is shared with STAR 5 and above skaters. Register for lessons using the Spring 2020 Lesson Only Form

STAR 5 – Gold (Intermediate B / Senior) 

    • Registration online for ice time only
    • Registration for lessons will remain on the  Spring 2020 Lesson Form Only form and payable by cheque, cash  or e-transfer (please indicated in the note section that this payment is for “Spring Lessons”).

Synchro Skills 

Synchro Skills is an introductory program to synchronized skating’s five basic elements: Circle, Line, Block, Intersection, and Wheel. This session will familiarize skaters with elementary holds, elements and transitions, done in a group lesson setting. Skaters will work in small groups of 2-4. Participants can be of any age, with a minimum skating level of STAR 2.