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Jingle Blades 2016-Results

Congratulations to all the Grandview Skaters!

This past weekend the Grandview Skating Club hosted B.C.’s annual Jingle Blades competition. We welcomed 500 skaters, judges and coaches to our home rink for 3 fantastic days of skating.

We are very proud of all our skaters for their performances on and off the ice. Our skaters showed grace, professionalism, and all out enthusiasm for the sport. They cheered on their club mates and all visiting skaters with gusto.

Thanks to all the skaters and parents who volunteered to make the event a good experience for all. A special thanks to all our wonderful coaches who continue to support and encourage our young skaters.
Congratulations Skaters!

Alexa Dubeau – Star 5 U10   9th
Rachel Deng – Star 5 U13    6th
Lauren Szeto-Fung  – Star 5 U13  4th
Rayna Fang – Sar 5 O13   11th
Ava Moyes – Bronze Inerpretive  4th
Calla Campbell – Star 5 O13   2nd
Haley Adams – Gold Interpretive  3rd
Jastina  Maranjyan – Star 6   10th
Caitlin Smith – Star 4 U13  6th
Ava Moyes – Pre-Juvenile U13  8th
Haley Adams – Gold Women.  4th
Megan Ho – Star 2. Silver
Mia Webster – Star 4 U13  2nd
Megan Chen – Bronze Interpretive  1sst
Zoe Chee – Bronze Inerpretive  3rd
Juilia Chan – Star 3  Gold
Viona Khalipour – Star 3  Gold
Orla Shields – Star 3  Silver
Josie Fenton – Star 3  Gold
Leni Spofforth – Star 2  Bronze
Maddie Vic – Star 4 U10  6th
Madison Dartana – Star 4 O 13 Gold
Alysha Dhaliwal – Star 4 O13  3rd