2016-VISI, Parksville Competition

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Congratulations STARSkaters!

What busy weekend–Grandview kids skated in 25 events and 27 individual performances. Phew! Our skaters conduct on and off the ice made us all very proud.  The Grandview spirit triumphed (and the baby came home in one piece… sort of).

Thank you to the Coaches, Parents, Friends, Sibs and Granny who offered support, food, drives to the rink, much humour and hairspray to those in need.
Here’s how we landed (no pun intended).

Calla Campbell Star5 Girls U13  9th Place
Madison Dartana Star5 13 + Over  8th Place
Josie Fenton Star 2 Girls  Silver
Jeneesha Dhaliwal Star5 Girls 13 + Over 8th Place
Maddie Vic Star3 Girls  Gold
Caitlin Smith Star3 Girls Silver
Mia Webster Star3 Girls  Gold
Orla Shields Star3 Girls Bronze
Alysha Dhaliwal Star3 Girls  Silver
Chantelle Kuan Sr. Silver Women  1st Place
Andrea Quan Star4 Girls 13+ 10th Place
Rayna Fang Star4 Girls 13+  5th Place
Rebecca Liu Silver Interpretive  8th Place
Katelyn Yue Silver Interpretive  2nd Place
Haley Adams Gold Interpretive  2nd Place
Chantelle Kuan Gold Interpretive 5th Place
Zoe Chee Juvenile Women U14 5th Place
Katelyn Yue Juvenile Women U14 6th Place
Rebecca Liu Pre-Novice Women  20th Place
Chantelle Kuan  Gold Solo Dance 2nd Place
Haley Adams Gold Solo Dance 1st Place
Haley Adams Novice Women   9th Place
Zoe Chee Bronze Interpretive  4th Place
Ava Moyes Bronze Interpretive  9th Place
Ava Moyes Pre-Juvenile U13 Girls  16th Place

Good Luck in your next Competition! 

Be Proud!

Grandview Skating Club

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