2015 Jingle Blades Competition Results

CONGRATULATIONS Grandview Skaters!

We had outstanding representation at Jingle Blades 2015 ! We are proud of all of you!

Gold Interpretive

Haley Adams – 2nd Place
Chantelle Kuan –  5th Place

Silver Interpretive

Kathleen Yue – 1st Place
Rebecca Liu – 2nd Place

Introductory Interpretive

Megan Chen – 2nd Place

Star 2

Julia Chan – Silver
Alysha Dhaliwal – Bronze
Josie Fenton – Silver
Mia Sugino – Bronze
Madelyn Vic – Gold

Star 3

Rayna Fang – Gold
Orla Shilds – Bronze
Caitlin Smith – Bronze
Mia Webster – Silver
Andrea Quan – Bronze

Star 4 U10 

Rachel Deng – 6th Place
Lauren Szeto-Fung – 5th Place

Star 4 U13

Calla Campbell – 3rd Place

Star 4 13 +O

Madison Dartana – 1st Place

Star 5 U13

Ava Moyes – 8th Place

Star 5 13+O

Jeneesha Dhaliwal – 11th Place

Senior Silver 

Chantelle Kuan – 7th Place

Yeah Team Grandview!

We are very excited to announce that Jingle Blades 2016 will be hosted by Grandview Skating Club! 

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