2015 Autumn Leaves Competition Results

Autumn Leaves 2015

Congratulations to all the Grandview Skaters who participated in the 2015 Autumn Leaves competition. A big cheer for the skaters and a big thanks to all the coaches and Grandview cheering squad!

Josie Fenton (Star 2 Gr 5)- Bronze
Alysha Dahliwal (Star 2) – Bronze
Rayna Fang (Star 3) – Silver
Rachel Deng (Star 4 U13) – ??
Calla Campbell (Star 4 U13 ) – 1st Place
Jeneesha Dhaliwal (Star 4 13&Over) – 1st Place
Sonali Gupta (Star 4 13&Over) – 5th Place
Haley Adams (Novice Women ) – 13th Place
Ava Moyes (Star 5 u13 ) – 6th Place
Megan Chen (Senior Bronze Women) – 1st Place
Rebecca Liu (Juvenile U14 ) – 1st Place
Zoe Chee (Juvenile U14 ) – 9th Place

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