Competitions / Skating Events

2012 Fun and Frolic Competition

IMG_4605Congratulations to all of our skaters who competed in the annual Fun and Frolic Competition!  All of our skaters worked really hard in preparing this year and the results were fantastic.  We are so proud of all of you and the event was a lot of fun for skaters and parents both.


Our senior group the “Grandview Grinches”  performed their Gagman style Christmas routine and placed FIRST place over all!

Calla Campbell-Pearl  group 1st place

Valerie Chan -Emerald group 4th place

Angela Chen-Ruby Group-2nd place

Haley Adams and Jennavieve Joa-Pairs event 3rd place

Madison Dartana and Marianna Tutor-Pairs event 4th place

Chantelle Kuan and Madgen Liao-Pairs event 4th

Hayley Adams-Diamond 1st place

Chantelle Kuan- Diamond 3rd place

Jennavieve Joa-Diamond 4th place

Once again you made us so proud girls!

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