Fun and Frolic Competition 2012

The fun and Frolic competition will be held on December 7th 2012 at the Arbutus club in Vancouver B.C.  There are categories for individual, pair and team events.


Skater’s age and qualifications shall be determined as of December 7th, 2012. Entry forms and fees must be submitted to your coach who will then submit to the competition registrar, by November 25th, 2012. No applications will be accepted by mail or fax. Skaters will be divided by age as necessary upon receipt of application. NO confirmation will be mailed. Coaches will be notified of starting times. (Approximate times: Friday, December 9th, 1:30 – 6:00pm) Times will be dependant on registration. We will try to begin approximately 2:30/ 3:00pm registration permitting.